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Start-Up is broken up into two sections; first we have the build an idea portion were students think, develop, and execute their ideas. For those who decide at the end of the semester they like their idea and want to keep going, they move to the 2.0, which is grow your business and has endless topics! If a student in 2.0 decides they want to start a new business, well then, they go back to the development class because all of the steps will be necessary to test out before you grow it!

Part of our mission is to be inclusive and available to ALL students. We welcome students of all ages, background, and abilities to participate and will offer support to the best of our abilities. With technological support available at most sites, we are able to provide accommodations like: speech to text, text to speech, as well as typing or drawing options. We do acknowledge that some students requiring a little extra support (age, disability) and ask parents to help offer one to one if their child is in need.

Our classes run from September to December and again from February to May, so we enroll for the session vs. on a class basis. We do allow for students to register through week two and with situational permission after week two. Our semester moves fast and we want to make sure each child has the tools to be successful. Starting week three students begin developing their ideas and building their business. In order to join a class after a session has started, students must have an idea and ready to jump in full speed in preparation for our first market.

Our Start-Up community locations don’t have a cost, instead, we ask families to make a donation to help cover programming cost. In our application we state: “Part of the Start-Up Kids Club mission is to be inclusive and available to students–no matter what. The average programming cost per student is $325 a semester. We ask that families consider making a contribution to help cover cost and keep our program available and accessible to all students. Please know that regardless of contribution, your child will be granted a spot to participate, as long as there is a seat available. (Please check all that apply: my family would like to make a one time contribution to cover my child’s participation at $325, my family would like to make four payments in the amount of $81.50 a month, my family would like to make a contribution in another amount, my family is unable to make a contribution at this time, my family would like to help cover the cost of another’s participation by making a donation in the amount of:___)

Please note, through our licensing model and school partnerships , their might be a fee associated with your child’s partipcation. These relationships help us further support the continuation of our mission. For additional information, please contact amber@startupkidsclub.com


Because Everyone Has a Question

Get Involved

Our goal at Start-Up is to reach and impact as many kids as possible and believe that together—we can change the world. We’ve packed our programs to make it easy FOR ANYONE to bring it to their area. If you are interested in learning more, check out our program section or contact us.

Start-Up Kids Club is a 501(c)3 organization that rely largely on the communities generous contributions of the time and dollars. We have several ways you can get involved from volunteering, sponsorship, mentoring, and spreading the word. Learn more about how you can clicking here.

A big part of our SKC programming is mentorship. We look to create realistic role models and help students tap into the wealth of knowledge within their community. Because we value your time, we’ve structured our mentor opportunities to be brief, easy, and impactful. All we ask is that mentors commit to a prescheduled one hour class and help share their wisdom! Want to become a mentor? Contact us today.

As a 501(c)3 organization, all contributions, donations, and in-kind offerings can be used as a tax deduction towards the fiscal year in which they were given. Contact your CPA or bookkeeper to learn more.

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