It all started with a cup of Flipping Coffee…

Amber Wakem credits her daughter Harper, and the lessons she learned becoming an entrepreneur, with the idea for Start-Up Kids Club.

A few years ago, their family was gearing up for a community garage sale and Harper decided she wanted be involved. When asked how, she mentioned a lemonade stand. After a few open-ended questions, Harper pivoted her idea after realizing that adults don’t care for lemonade in the morning—they want coffee!

With that Harper set off to create her product “Flipping Coffee” by researching what people liked in their coffee, visiting a local coffee store, and surveying customers. LESSON 1: DO YOUR MARKET RESEARCH

Harper then discovered that to in order to bring her product to market and grow it she needed to hire an employee. After a carefully vetting process, she selected a good friend who had the skills to develop and grow her vision. LESSON 2: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

In the end, Harper’s vision made over $100 profit in just a few hours—roughly two dollars more than the state minimum wage when divided between the two. LESSON 3: GOOD MARKET RESEARCH + STRATEGIC BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT = SUCCESS

Reflecting on her daughter’s entrepreneurial journey and the lessons she learned, Amber, a former teacher began thinking of its pedagogical impact. By engaging higher level thinking skills like product marketing, business development, cost average, and the utilization of branding, her daughter was able to take those skills and translate them into classroom success and confidence. Which was something that she, as a dyslexic child, had previously struggled with.

It is because of this experience, Start-Up Kids Club was born in order to give ALL kids the power to shape the world by broadening perspectives and enhancing life skills through community, connection, and experience.