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Building a business is really fun, don’t worry if it doesn’t work every time, stay positive and never give up! But most of all, have fun!
I never imagined entrepreneurial skills or how to start a business could be taught to kids at an early age but I was wrong. Start-Up Kids Club teaches concepts of Business/Entrepreneur skills to kids and gives a platform to convert their ideas to a product. Start-Up Kid’s Club even as an after-school activity, provides classroom-based learning and gives exposure through real market experience, where their product is showcased and is sold to the customer. They can really visualize/realize the way business works in real time. My kids love to go Start Up Classes.
It might feel hard at times and you might want to quit but stick with it! During markets, stand tall and be proud of your business. Talk firmly and put yourself out there, the outcomes are amazing!
Cole Scott

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